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Name: Archie Digest Magazine
Alternate Name: Archie Digest Magazine 1973
Year of Release: 1973
Status: Completed
Author: Dick Malmgren, Frank Doyle
Genre: Comedy

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"The Clock," Reggie lent Archie an old alarm for a science experiment, but Archie objects to what Reggie wants in return.<br/>"Stop, Book and Listen!" one-page Li'l Jinx story.<br/>"Cave Man Casanova," Archie dreams he's a caveman, but doesn't understand why the guys with funny shapes (Betty and Veronica) want him to catch them.<br/>"Sign In Please!", Li'l Jinx's dad lost his voice and has to write messages.<br/>"Who Me?", Mr. Lodge asks Veronica what she sees in Archie and she can't think of anything to say.<br/>"Practice Makes Perfect," Mr. Lodge wants Veronica to learn to play an instrument.<br/>"Trouble Spot," Resenting the teachers' belief that accidents naturally happen when he's around, Archie tries to prove that trouble can happen when he's not around.<br/>"Swamp Buggy," To bust up Betty's date with Archie, Veronica handcuffs herself to Archie's wrist.<br/>"Small Success," In order to tease Archie, Betty and Veronica claim Dilton is a chick-magnet.

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