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Name: Backlash
Alternate Name: Backlash 1997
Year of Release: 1997
Status: Completed
Author: Brett Booth, Jeff Mariotte, Sean Ruffner
Genre: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Horror , Sci-Fi
Views: 18,890
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Marc Slayton was born in Atlantis about three thousand years ago, the son of a human mother and Lord Sylton, an enhancedKherubim lord of the alien colony Atlantis. When his father sacrifices his life to imprison one-time allies the Drahn, a race of hostile aliens whose attack leads to the sinking of Atlantis, young Marc is spirited away by Ferrian, his fathers former advisor. Ferrian raises the child to adulthood, tutoring him in fighting skills for his protection. Once Marc is old enough to look after himself, Ferrian drops out of sight and leaves him to fend for himself.

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