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Name: Batman: Streets Of Gotham
Alternate Name: Batman Streets Of Gotham 2009
Year of Release: 2009
Status: Completed
Author: Marc Andreyko, Paul Dini
Genre: DC Comics , Action , Adventure , Crime , Military , Superhero
Views: 28,030
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This comic starts with Commissioner Gordon and his Gotham City Police Unit going to a local jewel shop. Harley Quinn is in there alone with the cashier who fainted because he knew who she was. Harley exits the building and tells Gordon that it was all a big misunderstanding and that she was just trying to shop. Gordon is surprised that she had money, which she got for helping Catwoman get even with Hush. Batman then tells Harley that she should get out of town to start a new life. Abuse then appears for the very first time. He goes a girl named Katie from getting sold to a man. Later Firefly creates a chemical to set the body of another person, to flames. Firefly lets his chemical loose in the Gotham City subway, while Damian Wayne visits Hush. Damian then leaves – and as Robin – saves a man in a car, who is on fire. Batman then saves another man in front of Gordon and then gives Gordon's Police Unit, 10 Foam Capsule launchers to stop people from burning. The comic ends with Batman and Robin staring at a burning Batman emblem spread over Gotham.

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