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Black Orchid (1993) Comic


Name: Black Orchid (1993)
Alternate Name: Black Orchid - 1993
Year of Release: 1993
Status: Completed
Author: Dick Foreman
Genre: Graphic Novels , Mature , Mystery , Vertigo
Views: 26,074
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She can make you do whatever she wants and you'll believe it was your idea. She could be a mystical being, or a scientific oddity. Whatever she is, beware her presence. As the flower's bouquet can captivate a fly, so can Black Orchid control your mind - and your soul. Reporter Walt Maddocks has made it his business to find people who don't want to be found. His current subject of scrutiny is Flora Black, a woman who briefly achieved fame when she saved a high-profile political candidate from an assassin's bullet. No one has seen her since, but Maddocks is convinced that she has connections to a professional escort named Blackie, and just possibly the mysterious Black Orchid. A wise prankster? A naive demigoddess? A corrupting influence or a sweet inspiration? Whatever she is, whatever you might think she is, Black Orchid can change your mind - sometimes forever.

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