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Fierce (2023) Comic

Name: Fierce (2023)
Alternate Name: Fierce 2023
Year of Release: 2023
Status: Completed
Author: Various
Genre: Comedy
Views: 578
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The legendary King Arthur is now an old drunkard who spends his days slouched on his throne. He owes his former glory to the magic sword the wizard Merlin forged for him in order to slay the hordes of demons who came to invade the kingdom of Pendragon. The enchanted weapon now suffers from a bad case of boredom, while Arthur’s daughter, the Princess Ysabelle, is wondering how to flee the marriage her father has arranged with the vile Baron of Cumber. Both Ysabelle and the sword are determined to change their fate, and to do so they must become allies on a long journey. But the wide world can prove much harsher than life at the palace, and the sword’s intentions may not be as noble as they seem… Mathieu Burniat is at it again with “Furieuse,” a work of pure fiction scripted by Geoffroy Monde.

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