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Name: Island Girls
Alternate Name: Island Girls (2023)
Year of Release: 2023
Status: Ongoing
Author: P.M. Amaras, Paul Driggere
Genre: Fantasy , Historical
Views: 167
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"Island Girls" follows the adventures of several girls, natives Huana, Leilani, Kalea, Malana, and french naval librarian Marie-Claire, as they plunge headlong into romance and danger. In the first story arc, "The Cargo Cult", it is June of 1940, and the beautiful island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia is suddenly getting crowded as "Operation Bobcat", a U.S Navy refueling station during World War 2, is about to happen. But when the girls try to solve the mystery of a missing sailor, they uncover corruption, island voodoo, and a nefarious anti-military plot that could jeopardize not only the entire island but the tide of war itself.

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