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Name: Simpsons Comics
Alternate Name: Simpsons Comics (1993)
Year of Release: 1993
Status: Ongoing
Author:  Cindy Vance, Matt Groening, Steve Vance
Genre: Comedy
Views: 144,550
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Creepy Crawly Tales flip-book. Cover art by Bill Morrison. The Amazing Colossal Homer, script by Steve Vance (plot and script) and Cindy Vance (plot), pencils by Steve Vance (layouts) and Bill Morrison (finishes), inks by Bill Morrison and Tim Bavington; Mr. Burns tests his Rejuvenator Ray on Homer Simpson, resulting in Homer growing to colossal proportions. The Collector!, script by Steve Vance, pencils by Steve Vance (layouts) and Sondra Roy, inks by Bill Morrison; The Collector accidently locks himself in his comic vault when the butler goes away for the weekend, and must burn his precious comic collection to avoid freezing to death.

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