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Steel: A Celebration of 30 Years Comic

Name: Steel: A Celebration of 30 Years
Alternate Name: Steel: A Celebration of 30 Years 2023
Year of Release: 2023
Status: Completed
Author: Christopher Priest, Grant Morrison, Jon Bogdanove, Louise Simonson
Genre: DC Comics , Action , Adventure , Superhero
Views: 327
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Inspired by Superman's selflessness, John Henry Irons used his engineering genius to reinvent himself into a champion in his own right. The perfect combination of brains and brawn, John Henry Irons was one of four different people to take up the mantle of Superman when Kal-El lost his life while saving Metropolis from the monster known as Doomsday. Initially referred to by the media using Superman’s nickname, “The Man of Steel,” Irons simply went by Steel when Superman came back from the grave. A former weapons engineer, John Henry Irons moved to Metropolis to start a new life. There, on one fateful day, Superman saved his life. Forever grateful, John Henry paid it forward when the city’s protector died. He took up the fight to protect the innocent in Superman’s name, wearing his iconic “S” shield in tribute. Irons used his scientific genius to construct a suit of armor that allowed him to fly and gave him superior strength. He also created a giant metal hammer in homage to his namesake, the folk hero John Henry. Now a permanent member of Superman’s extended family, Steel is living proof that everyone has it in them to become a Superman. Steel: A Celebration of 30 Years collects Action Comics #4, Adventures of Superman #500, Convergence: Superman: Man of Steel #1-2, JLA #17, Justice League Unlimited #35, Steel #1, Steel # 34, Steel #1, Suicide Squad #24, and Superman: The Man of Steel #22, #100, and #122!

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