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Supreme Power: Hyperion Comic

Name: Supreme Power: Hyperion
Alternate Name: Supreme Power Hyperion 2005
Year of Release: 2005
Status: Completed
Author: J. Michael Straczynski
Genre: Marvel , Action , Adventure , Superhero
Views: 2,893
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The first of two SUPREME POWER specials! Now that the world knows his dark secret, Hyperion suddenly finds himself both alone and hunted. Four new super-powered individuals -- each based on a character from the original Squadron Supreme -- are after his hide, and they've got the will and means to take him down. Hyperion secludes himself in the northern Arctic regions to contemplate his past and his actions. Meanwhile, the government is further recruiting individuals who have been given extraordinary abilities due to Mark's intervention on Earth. Emil Burbank claims to be the smartest man in the entire world. He explains how far he has advanced throughout his years, leaving out details of his dark actions while achieving them. He joins a group the government is forming of super individuals. Emil is introduced to Reliegh Lund, Shape, who is impervious to almost all forms of physical attack. Shape is not the brightest of the group.

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