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Thanos (2003) Comic

Name: Thanos (2003)
Alternate Name: Thanos 2003
Year of Release: 2003
Status: Completed
Author: Jim Starlin
Genre: Adventure , Superhero
Views: 9,202
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The most powerful, enigmatic villain in the Marvel Universe is taking center stage. Thanos' attempts at conquest and destruction have all been thwarted. So what inner demons drive the mad Titan towards his goals...and what hidden desires pull at his heart and mind now? After the events of Marvel: The End, Thanos flashes back over his life to decide upon his future, with perennial friend/foe Adam Warlock. Thanos decides to make up for the destruction of Rigel 3 at the hands of one of his doppelgangers (called Thanosi) by surrendering to the Rigellians. <br>

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