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The Children's Crusade Comic

Name: The Children's Crusade
Alternate Name: The Childrens Crusade 1993
Year of Release: 1993
Status: Completed
Author: Neil Gaiman
Genre: Graphic Novels , Horror , Mature , Vertigo
Views: 12,038
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Neil Gaiman, writer of THE SANDMAN, tells a powerful and mysterious tale that begins when all the children of an English village mysteriously vanish. Rowland and Paine, the two dead boy-detectives introduced in Sandman (1989 2nd Series) #25, investigate the disappearances and learn of the existence of the otherworldly Free Country. But the denizens of that realm have conceived a mysterious plot that involves several young beings of power - Suzy, the child Black Orchid; Animal Man's daughter, Tefe; Dorothy Spinner of the Doom Patrol; and Tim Hunter, the young mage introduced in THE BOOKS OF MAGIC. Continues in Black Orchid (1993) Annual #1.

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