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The Infected: Scarab Comic

Name: The Infected: Scarab
Alternate Name: The Infected Scarab 2019
Year of Release: 2019
Status: Completed
Author: Dennis 'Hopeless' Hallum
Genre: DC Comics , Superhero
Views: 1,451
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When Jaime Reyes is in trouble, a powerful scarab transforms him into a super hero. Jaime never asked to be the Blue Beetle, but he's been doing his best to live up to the power within. Now the most sinister evil this or any other world has ever seen has his sights set on turning Jaime toward the darkness...and the Batman Who Laughs always gets what he wants. Spinning out of the events of Batman/ Superman and “Year of the Villain” comes the tale of a hero fighting the evil inside, and whose friends and family are about to pay the price...

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