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Name: Toxin
Alternate Name: Toxin 2005
Year of Release: 2005
Status: Completed
Author: Peter Milligan
Genre: Marvel , Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Superhero
Views: 8,941
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As each new generation of men must hand down the torch to the next, so each new generation of alien symbiotes must hand down the, ah, stringy, fleshy tendrils. So move over Venom, step aside Carnage, because TOXIN is getting his own limited series as Spider-Man Month continues with a nod to NEW AVENGERS! When a full-scale jailbreak [see NEW AVENGERS] leaves New York overrun with super villains, Pat sees the perfect opportunity to use the creature sharing his body for good. But Toxin might have other ideas! Featuring a special guest appearance by Spider-Man and a different villain encounter every issue!

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